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Our Social Media PPC Agency helps with a range of social media strategies to increase your social media visibility, generating more engagement and sales from your social media campaigns.


Bidmark are a specialist social media agency based in Leeds. We offer social media management for SME's and Young Brands. Explore our Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn services below to find out how these can be best used to communicate and engage with your audience.

Facebook Advertising

Our Social Media PPC Agency delivers both Organic strategies and Facebook Ads campaigns. Using Facebook we have the opportunity to target and build audiences and effectively deliver your message whilst building engagement and following.

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LinkedIn Advertising

We offer a range of LinkedIn services for SME's and Young Brands. We will help you define your audience, build campaigns, optimise and manage your campaigns with a focus on the goal of generating sales and leads.

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Instagram Advertising

We have the opportunity to utilise the phenomenon of Instagram and mobile marketing to deliver your message in a visual format, build following and create engagement with your target audience.

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Youtube Advertising

Our YouTube PPC team have expertise in creating, managing, measuring and optimising advertising campaigns across YouTube, targeting your ideal customers to ensure you get the right message to the right people at the right time.

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Social Media Management Services

We create & manage Social Media marketing campaigns that can deliver on your business’s social media requirements. Our team help you with a range of social media strategies to increase your visibility, generate more sales and leads from your social media campaigns, and maximise engagement on a monthly basis.


We combine strategic and creative ideas to deliver effective Social Media solutions and clear results.


Our experienced social media experts can advise you on the best approach, such as which hashtags to use or which audience to target.


We work on new and existing social media channels to help grow your audience organically with our tried and tested digital marketing strategies.


We work with you on a social media plan that helps reinforce and represent your business. We take care to schedule your content to times that your audience is most effective to maximise your exposure.


We use social PPC campaigns to improve your presence, generate leads, or sales in a new product. We do this through promoted Twitter accounts, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, or sponsored YouTube & Instagram ads.

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