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Media Planning Services

Our media planning services involved working with brands in creating performance-focused media plans that maximise messaging potential, drives results that matter and leads to higher levels of new customer acquisition.

Media Planning Services

Our marketing agency specialise in the strategy and delivery of a range of performance focused Media Buying Strategies. Our digital marketing agency in Leeds plays a pivotal role by offering a wide spectrum of media planning services, ranging from audience analysis and channel selection to content strategy and performance reporting and working closely with our clients ensuring plans are followed and results are achieved.

Improved Visibility

Planning campaigns across multiple channels leads to improved visibility and wider engagement from your customers. We carefully allocate budgets across various media channels to ensure optimal exposure and engagement.

Bespoke campaigns

Bespoke media plans based on your goals. We devise the best strategies across the most relevant platforms such as Google, social media, display ads, and influencer collaborations to reach audiences effectively.

Creative Adverts

Our agency in Leeds also offers creative services to complement the media planning so we are able to design and deliver the content for your media plans. This includes designing eye-catching graphics, engaging videos, and compelling text copy.

Our Media Buying Services

Our Media Planning services are designed to help your business understand, and achieve your marketing and sales goals.


Our media audits analyse your current activity, set up and results of current digital marketing services, to highlight what’s working well, spotting gaps and areas to improve.

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We take time to understand your brand, your audience, and your past activity to that or media buying specialists can tailor a media plan strategy to suite your needs.

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We reverse engineer your business goals to help decide which is the best platform for you. This is how we maximise the ROI of our clients marketing budgets.


Our digital marketing agency experts work on implementation of the plans ensuring all elements work together cohesively.

Media Planning Management

Our agency provides experienced, certified & talented individuals to manage the campaigns once they go live. Our management experts give you excellent management services for search engines & social media, email, display and more.

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Media Planning Reporting

We create detailed marketing reports that report on KPIs which matter most to you. Our reports help you better understanding your marketing and advertising campaigns data.


Whatever your goal, be it boosting brand awareness, skyrocketing sales, attracting more users or customers, or achieving something else entirely, our media planning service and expertise provide the tools you need to gain a winning edge. Our media planning service can help you with:

Boost brand awareness

Our team will collaborate closely with you to craft a tailored media strategy that highlights your brand effectively. We’ll analyse channels to reach your audience, using captivating visuals and engaging content. Our approach spans online and offline platforms for maximum exposure. Continuous monitoring and optimisation ensure optimal results. With us, your brand will captivate and resonate with your audience, leaving a lasting impression.

Supercharge sales

Our team will create tailored marketing campaigns to convert casual browsers into customers, using data analysis to engage your audience effectively across social media, email, SEO, and paid ads, maximising ROI. Thorough research on your target market will inform message crafting, with continuous monitoring enabling data-driven adjustments for optimal results. Employing conversion rate optimisation and persuasive techniques, we aim to boost conversion rates and revenue through compelling copywriting and exclusive promotions.

Attract new users and customers

We’ll carefully pinpoint the digital platforms where your target audience is active online, understanding their behaviours and preferences to position your brand strategically. By crafting compelling content and storytelling, we’ll capture their attention and tailor each message to their specific interests, needs, and desires. By delivering messages that resonate directly with them, we’ll amplify your online presence and meaningfully engage your target audience.

Reach specific demographics

We know it’s crucial to reach the right people with your marketing. That’s why we offer a personalised media strategy. By understanding your audience and what they like, we will create a plan to connect with them effectively. We analyse data to identify who you want to reach and choose the best channels, whether traditional or digital. We keep an eye on how well it’s working and make changes if needed. Our goal is to help you connect with your audience and achieve your marketing goals.

Maximise your budget

Our media specialists actively negotiate with media outlets and advertising platforms to get the best prices and top spots for your brand. By leveraging our industry relationships and strategic negotiations, we aim to maximise your media investment’s impact. Our proactive approach keeps you ahead of the competition with updates on trends and technology in the media industry. Staying informed ensures your media strategy stays innovative and successful.

Why Choose Bidmark?

Our agency in Leeds works with clients across the UK, EU and US. We play a pivotal role by offering a wide spectrum of media planning services, ranging from audience analysis and channel selection to content strategy and performance reporting.

Our expertise enables businesses to navigate the complex media landscape, maximise their advertising efforts, and achieve tangible results in a competitive market. We know exactly where to place your ad for the greatest engagement, increased conversion, and a boost in your brand awareness.

Partner with for an agency that will take time to understand your brand, objectives, and audience. We’ll analyse demographics, psychographics, and behaviour, we create customised media plans for your business.

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Media Planning Services

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