Reduction in Google Ads cost per lead by over 200%

Here’s how SCE, UK providers of world class education, mentoring and opportunities for sports coaches saw Google Ads cost per lead by over 200%.

200% Reduction in Google Ads cost per lead


Their objective was to increase lead generation volumes whilst reducing Google and Facebook advertising cost per acquisition.


SCE's internal team was attempting to use Google Ads as a new customer acquisition tool, but they were producing expensive leads and had to spend heavily to reach their lead genaration targets.

SCE firstly wanted to reduce their campaign spend, and then secondly, increase sign-ups to their flagship Level-4 course.

One major limitation was that SCE were not tracking conversions at the keyword level, so this made it difficult to outline their best-performing keywords.


We implemented audit recommendations on the SCE Google Ads and Facebook Ad accounts which paid immediate dividends.

Next we implemented conversion tracking via our tracking and reporting service to identify converting keywords. We then carried out a full account restructure to improve theming and relevance of Ads on the best performing keywords. After several rounds of ad copy reviews that focused on improving CTR and CVR of their Ads, the account was producing results the business was very pleased with.

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