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Our Google Analytics experts work on marketing strategies designed to help SMEs and young brands to stand out and maximise their potential through Google Analytics consultations, audits, implementations and reports.


Trusted by SMEs and young brands across the UK, our Google Analytics specialists track the quality of traffic & report on measurable results with our ROI-focused performance marketing strategies. Working closely with our clients ensuring everything is measured and tracked, Our Google Analytics agency in Leeds continues to deliver the results that matter.

Google Analytics Agency

We are a Google Analytics Agency working on UA and GA4 accounts. Whether you’re transitioning from Universal Analytics or starting fresh with GA4, our agency has the expertise to guide you through every step of the process.

Google Analytics Service

Our team of seasoned experts provide a mix of Google Analytics Services for enterprise level clients. Our team stays at the forefront of GA4 advancements, ensuring that we can provide you with the latest insights and strategies.

GA4 Ready?

Our team of GA4 specialists is here to help you unlock the full potential of Google Analytics 4. In this article, we will dive into what GA4 is, the benefits it offers, and how our GA4 agency can assist you in leveraging this powerful analytics platform. Whether you need expert guidance or comprehensive GA4 services, we have you covered.

Google Analytics Experts

Our google analytics services are designed for businesses like yours. Contact our GA4 services team today to discuss how we enable you to use your data to make better-informed decisions and improve your understanding of marketing results.


Our Google Analytics agency specialises in providing consultations with our Google Analytics experts to help ensure your tracking is working hard for you and your business.

Tracking Audits

Our Google Analytics (GA4) experts assist in auditing your current google analytics and your tag requirements, including data layer requirements if required.


Our Leeds Google Analytics agency have the tools & specialist Google Analytics experts to find the clarity you need, whatever your business goals, to make informed decisions on optimising your channel mix & spend. Our Google analytics experts can assist with the implementation of Google Analytics (GA4) ensuring everything is tracked. Including leads and sales.


Our Google analytics experts have developed a range of google analytics services for our UA and GA4 service clients to help them better understand their data. Our Google Analytics specialists can provide written reports, bespoke data dashboarding and visualisation, calls or provide face-to-face meetings to help you understand your data. This could be either reporting on specific KPIs that is important to your business or “going wide” and providing in-depth GA4 service analysis reports.

Google Analytics Training

Our Google Analytics 4 training can help ensure that you and your team fully understand the data within your Google Analytics account. Whether you need an introduction or a more in depth training program, our Google analytics experts can create a training plan for your speciific needs.

GA4 Services

Need help with the new GA4? Speak to our GA4 experts for specialist GA4 assistance and ensure your business is GA4 ready.

Google Analytics for Brands

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for brands to track and analyse website traffic, audit user behaviour, and marketing effectiveness. It provides valuable insights into how users interact with your website, including where they come from, which pages they visit, and how long they stay. No-matter what your goal is, by understanding these metrics, brands can make data-driven decisions to improve their online presence, optimise marketing campaigns, and enhance the overall user experience. Brands use our Google Analytics Services for various reasons including:

Online Presence Improvements

Our Google Analytics service is indispensable for a brand seeking to enhance its online presence. By utilising this tool, brands can gain deep insights into their website traffic, user behaviour, and performance metrics. Understanding where website visitors come from, which pages they engage with the most, and how long they stay provides brands with invaluable data for making informed decisions to optimise the website and improve user experience. With our Google Analytics service, brands can identify areas for improvement, track the effectiveness of their online marketing efforts, and measure the impact of any changes made to their online presence.

SEO Performance Improvements

The Google Analytics service from Bidmark is essential for a brand aiming to enhance its SEO performance. By leveraging our expertise in Google Analytics, brands gain access to comprehensive data and insights that are crucial for understanding website traffic patterns, user behaviour, and search engine visibility. Bidmark’s analytics service enables brands to track key SEO metrics such as organic traffic, keyword performance, and conversion rates, allowing them to identify areas for improvement and refine their SEO strategies accordingly. With our team’s assistance, brands can uncover valuable insights into their target audience’s preferences and behaviours, optimise their website content and structure for better search engine rankings, and ultimately drive more organic traffic and conversions

Boosting Sales

By harnessing our expertise in Google Analytics, brands gain access to comprehensive data and insights crucial for understanding customer behaviour, purchasing patterns, and conversion pathways. Our analytics service enables brands to track key metrics such as conversion rates, customer acquisition channels, and revenue attribution, providing invaluable insights into the effectiveness of their sales funnels and marketing campaigns. With our assistance, brands can identify areas for improvement, optimise their website and marketing strategies, and tailor their offerings to better meet customer needs and preferences

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Our Google Analytics services are committed to providing in-depth tracking and reporting including GA4 setup, google analytics management and reporting on the things that matter to you and your business. Get in touch with your brief, problem or challenge and we will get straight back to you.

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