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Sectors We Work In

At Bidmark our experts combine their knowledge of digital marketing with past experience of working with business owners in different sectors and familiar with the different challenges faced by businesses. Find out more about the industries that we operate in below.

  Experience Matters       

To begin, our experts have past experience working with business owners in different B2B and B2C sectors and therefore familiar with the different challenges faced by businesses. As such, we have the right methodologies and processes in place to ensure that businesses target the right customers with the right messages.

  Sectors & Industries       

B2B and B2C Marketing

Furthermore, we combine our digital marketing knowledge with experience of working with companies and brands across many different sectors & Industries. In fact, our experts have past experience of working with business owners in different B2B and B2C sectors and familiar with the different challenges faced by businesses.


What's more, working with clients across various sectors, our performance marketing services are designed to help your business understand and achieve your marketing and sales goals.

Arts & Entertainment

Firstly, we play our part not just in building awareness and generating attendance but raising awareness and selling tickets.

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B2B Marketing

Secondly, we know from our business-to-business marketing agency experience that generating leads in the B2B market. For example, this often includes convincing a hierarchy of gatekeepers. That’s why our B2B marketing services focus on long running communication plans for your audience.

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Automotive Sector

Additionally, through advertising your automotive brand / car dealership we can to deliver high quality, targeted traffic to your website.

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Consumer Marketing / B2C

Furthermore, we are a full services B2C digital marketing agency in Leeds delivering consumer marketing services that helps B2C brands target customers directly.

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Also, we are a Leeds-based construction marketing agency for construction companies providing performance marketing services to businesses in the construction sector. So if you are a construction company looking to sell more online, then contact us today to find out how we can help you with your marketing.

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Education sector

What's more, we are a marketing agency for schools that provides a multitude of digital marketing services which focus on targeting students and parents to help schools not only improve enrolment rates but also get products into schools.

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Financial Services

In addition, we have many years experience in working with financial organisations to solve their marketing problems. As such. we are confident that we have the right methodologies and processes in place to ensure that businesses. Therefore we make sure marketing materials are within legislation and also saying the right things to the right people.

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Jewellery Sector

Accordingly, we design digital marketing campaigns for the jewellery sector that outshine the competition and cut through, with clarity to win you more sales.

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Food & Drink

For instance, our food and beverage marketing services help drive new traffic to your website or footfall to your store and therefore help you reach your marketing goals.

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Franchise Marketing

To successfully market your franchise our agency develops multi-media strategies and marketing plans. As such, we apply our developed process to account management. For example, this means that we can quickly deploy and synchronise your campaigns across multiple networks.

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Healthcare marketing

Moreover, we provide healthcare marketing solutions to healthcare brands that need a strong online presence in order to attract new patients and remain profitable.

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Hospitality sector

Furthermore, our agency aim is to help you attract more guests, secure more direct bookings, and generate more revenue for your hotel, hostel or spa.

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IT & Digital

Also, our immediate team offers a range of PPC, SEO, Social Media & Display advertising services to businesses in the IT & digital sector. All of which are designed to help them stand out online & generate new customers.

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We are a digital marketing agency delivering marketing services to help charities grow. So find out below how our experts deliver marketing campaigns for charities & Not for profit clients.

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Law Firms

In addition, with a proven track record of delivering tangible results, we're here to help your law firm rise above the digital noise and therefore attract the clients you deserve.

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Print & Publishing

To these businesses we offer creative planning services, digital marketing strategies and management of web design, SEO, PPC and social media marketing campaigns.

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Nightlife (Bars/Restaurants)

In fact, digital marketing for Bars/Restaurants often focuses on long running communication plan for your audience. As such, prolonged activity to your audience ensures it's your ads that they remember.

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Real Estate

Furthermore, as an advertising agency with experience in real estate marketing we understand your business needs. For example, we work with real estate agents, professionals, brokerages and companies on marketing strategies that focus on generating new customers.

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Likewise, our retail advertising experts work with both local businesses and national brands. Check out just some of services we provide to help companies succeed in digital marketing.

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Transportation logistics & removals

We are a full services digital marketing agency in Leeds delivering marketing that helps brands grow. So find out below how our experts deliver your transportation and removal company campaigns.

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