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Digital Marketing Services for
Real Estate Sector

We’re a multi-channel, real estate marketing agency that provides digital marketing for real estate agents, professionals, brokerages and companies. Based in Leeds we offer a range of PPC Management, SEO Services & Display services designed to help real estate businesses stand out, generate leads and maximise potential.

As an advertising agency with experience in real estate marketing, we understand your business needs. We work with real estate agents, professionals, brokerages and companies on marketing strategies that focus on generating new customers.

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How Bidmark Helps

As a marketing agency for real estate professionals and companies, we have developed a process-driven approach to account management, which means that we can quickly deploy and synchronise property campaigns across these multiple networks. By breaking down the different segments in your market we are able to tailor our advertising message specifically to them.

Building or selling real estate & properties in today’s dynamic environment requires a dedicated focus. Our agency's aim is to provide clear, profitable real estate marketing campaigns to help your business grow. It’s important for us to be recognised as good people to work with, as an agency that inspires clients and achieve quality results that speak for themselves.


Our property marketing agency works with property owners we have perfected a proven process to increase awareness of their properties and generate more viewings for their properties to ultimately lead to more sales.

We provide commercial and residential property marketing services for construction companies, builders and electricians to generate qualified leads and drive business growth for.

If you want to sell more properties and become a leading real estate agent then our digital marketing services will help you generate more revenue for your business.

We work with contractors to help them stand out amongst their competitors by creating marketing strategies that utilise the right type of marketing so they can achieve an increase in sales and margins.

If you want to sell more homes, optimise marketing costs, and become the leader in your market then our digital marketing services for home builders will work for you.

Our experts are highly skilled, experienced and provide reliable marketing services for architects designed to help architects and their businesses stand out online, generate leads and maximise potential.

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Our Marketing Services

Bidmark are a specialist marketing agency which aims to provide high quality digital marketing services. We are a property marketing agency that provides everything your business needs to accomplish it’s goals.


Our property SEO experts offer essential SEO optimisation techniques to our clients. This is a mix of keyword targeting, content creation and link earning. As a UK based real estate SEO company, we are well placed to help harness the power of search to increase the number of leads generated from your website.

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Social Media can work for real estate companies by helping drive organic traffic, promote content and nurture leads. Our agency is home to several LinkedIn agency experts. We manage your business to business marketing campaigns with several tactics and methods previously proven to to drive traffic, engage with your audience and nurture your leads.

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We are a real estate content marketing agency that writes appealing content which is promoted to your audiences so inform, educate and ensure that those who need to see it take the next required action.

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Display Advertising Services

Display marketing services to assist with the creation of display advertising campaigns to raise brand awareness.

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Our in-house PPC experts provide real estate ppc services and campaigns with increase focus on lead generation. As a real estate ppc company we can be trusted to put a heavy focus on optimising your real estate ppc strategies to maximise ROI by consistently beating last months / last years results.

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If you’re reaching your goals but want to accelerate, contact our real estate digital marketing agency today to super-charge your marketing efforts.

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