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Digital Marketing Reporting

Being able to convey the true value of your marketing activity is key to achieving stakeholder buy-in. We build bespoke and integrated reports simple, so it’s easier than ever to map results back to wider business goals. To do this we offer the following services:

Data tracking & reporting

With data tracking & reporting services like ours, your team can pinpoint which parts of their marketing work, and which parts don’t. You can see how many leads, and how many sales, marketing is bringing in and identify issues that need troubleshooting.


Bespoke dashboarding and visualisation – either on its own or as part of a detailed analysis project)


Written reports detailing activities carried out, results generated, and plans for next month in a n easy to understand format.

Connecting data

Joining the dots can be difficult. By arming your marketing team with the data points they need, they can optimise their outputs and spend their time (and your budget) on what works.


Comprehensive training on how to use the product – we can demonstrate and train your team to extract all the required information from their data using dashboards.


We constantly review the market for the best and latest third-party tools, including competitor research tools like SEMRUSH. With data tracking services like ours, you can see where your leads are coming from, understand if they’re high-quality thanks to revenue data and use this insight to make informed decisions.


Google Data Studio to build and share custom reports that can be edited and accessed in real-time.


With the ability to display multi-channel data side by side COACT enables you to gain holistic insights into your digital performance.


We help you setup report in competitor research tools like SEMRUSH so you can spy on your competitions activity.

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