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We are a digital marketing agency delivering marketing services to help charities grow. Find out below how our experts deliver marketing campaigns for charities & Not for-profit clients.

  Digital Marketing For Non-for-profit Organisations       

Digital Marketing Services for Charities

We recognise the increasing pressures that charities & non-profit organisations are under due to the decrease in funding from the public sector. To help charities overcome these problems we build marketing campaigns that keep on giving.

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  Why Use Bidmark?       

How Bidmark Helps

Find out what we focus on when working with charity clients.

Our marketing campaigns begin with identifying goals and targets that we want to achieve. We set up tracking of our marketing campaigns so that we can then be measurable, with clear results at the end. Examples of things we track could be how many donations have been made, or how many people saw the campaign on

We recognise that non-profit organisations are often affiliated with a political party or cause. This is why we always aim to work closely with you at all times to ensure we are always checking our marketing activities against the organisation’s values and beliefs.

As a digital marketing agency for charities that combines our digital marketing knowledge with experience of working with businesses across many different sectors to ensure a strong ROI on marketing spend.

Our Marketing Services

Today, more then ever there is more competition among an expanding number of organisations so it is important for marketing agencies to use strategic thinking and creative executions, so that charities and non-for-profit organisations can make the most out of their marketing budgets. Here’s some of the main services we provide for your charity on NPO:

Website Design & Development

We build engaging, intuitive websites with a focus on user experience, best practices and ROI which work on your goals, whether that’s brand awareness or taking donations.

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Charity SEO services

Our experienced team of Charity SEO consultants works with clients to help their businesses grow through SEO strategies for charities.

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Charity PPC services

We are a charity ppc agency that measures what matters and works with you to create & manage your PPC advertising campaigns. Our campaigns can run on search engines such as Google and Bing, and also on Social Platforms such as Meta Ads, Instagram PPC and Linkedin Ads.

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Our digital marketing agency for charities is committed to providing the best quality of performance marketing services including setup, management and digital marketing consulting services depending on what you need. Get in touch with your brief, problem or challenge and we will get straight back to you.

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