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We provide Digital Marketing services for Car Dealerships that focus on results that matter. If you’re looking for a new marketing agency contact us.

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Digital Marketing Services for Car Dealerships

Our digital marketing services are designed to increase visibility across the web through Google Ads, Social Media Ads and Banner Ads on websites. Through advertising your car dealership business this way we can deliver high-quality, targeted traffic to your website all with the aim of increasing visitors to your forecourts and enquiries for your cars.

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How Bidmark Helps

Here are just some of the ways we assist our clients in achieving their marketing goals:

There are many potential ways in which you can win new customers, we work with you to build the right strategy for your car dealership / automotive business to help win new customers in the most practical, impactful, and cost-effective way.

Most people use the web to search for a new car or car parts. So it’s imperative for automotive businesses to have a strong online presence that creates a meaningful, relevant experience for your audience and our car dealer marketing agency will work with you to achieve those objectives.

We Implement digital marketing strategies for car dealers that help increase online revenue, improve visits to their forecourts and build a loyal and happy customer base.

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Who we work with

Our marketing consultants have worked with a wide range of brands promoting their businesses on mostly Google, Facebook, Instagram & Display Networks but also on other search engines and social media platforms.

These are businesses that sell new and used cars to consumers. They often provide financing and other services such as maintenance and repair.

These are businesses that manufacture and supply components and parts for cars, such as engines, transmissions, and brakes.

Our Marketing Services

We are a car dealer marketing company that tirelessly works in the Automotive sector. We work in partnership with our car dealership clients, by creating tailor made marketing campaigns which use a range of marketing services.


Our custom web design services for car dealerships help you convert more website visitors to calls, leads, and sales

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We’re an SEO agency for car dealerships that runs successful SEO campaigns for car dealerships through using a mix of technical knowledge and creative expertise

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We provide PPC Services for car dealers by using our in-house workflows to maximise ROI from your marketing investments. Contact us to discuss ppc services for car dealerships

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We run paid social media campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok for Automotive brands to increase social media visibility, generate engagement, and drive more sales.

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We are committed to providing the best quality of performance marketing services including setup, management and consulting depending on what you need. Get in touch with your brief, problem or challenge and we will get straight back to you.

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