Case Study       

Harley Street Hair Clinic

The Harley Street Hair Clinic is renowned for pioneering the adoption of high quality FUE and FT in the UK. The Harley Street Hair Clinic is the only clinic in the UK to specialise in follicular transfer hair transplant technology.


Delivering on the metrics that matter


The hair clinic had been experiencing a significant gap between the first interaction with their website and customers physically visiting their clinic. Recognising this as a challenge, our marketing team embarked on a mission to create a more effective customer engagement strategy.


We implemented the following strategies to address these challenges:

Personalised Content: The clinic began creating personalised content on its website and social media platforms to engage visitors. We tailored content to specific hair concerns, showcasing before-and-after photos, and sharing client testimonials to build trust. Before and after is not allowed on Facebook Ads, but can be used on the website.

Lead Generation Campaigns: We needed to look at capturing people's attention and can we get them on email lists, so we launched lead generation campaigns offering free e-books on hair care, online consultations, and exclusive discounts in exchange for email sign-ups.

Remarketing Ads: To re-engage website visitors, our marketing team initiated remarketing campaigns to show targeted ads to those who had previously interacted with their website.

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