Reduced Adwords CPA by over 85%       

White Cross Vets

Read on to find out the resuls generated for White Cross Vets who were established in Leeds in 1937 and, through the years, have remained true to their focus on quality and care for all our patients.

85% reduction in CPA
  Delivering on the metrics that matter       

lowering customer acquisition costs

A lower CPA means they were able to acquire more customers for the same budget.


Previous campaigns had been successful but it was considered an expensive source of customers. White Cross Vets needed Adwords to work so that marketing spend could be deployed to drive early customers when they opened future locations. Their team had the time, however, Adwords was new and they were unsure if they were making mistakes in their setup and running of campaigns.


Bidmark worked closely with marketing team at White Cross Vets not only to understand their market/clients but also their competitors. Our extensive strategy planning encompassed all areas of Adwords for with focus on local campaigns and local searches. Our new account structure allowed and Adwords strategy helped White Cross Vets reduced a Adwords CPA by 85%

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