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Tracking & Marketing Analytics

Trusted by SMEs and brands across the UK, both in the B2C and B2B sectors, our tracking and marketing analytics services tracks the quality of traffic & report on measurable results. Contact us today to discuss how our tracking and reporting services can use your marketing data to make better-informed decisions and improve your understanding of results from your digital marketing campaigns.

  Tracking & Reporting Services       

Do you know your ROI from marketing spend or current cost per lead? Frustrated with the lack of evidence when making marketing decisions? Our digital marketing analytics consulting agency offers data tracking and marketing analytics as a service that is designed for businesses like yours.

  Marketing Analytics Services       

Performance Tuning

Marketing data tracking & reporting can be a complex, multi-dimensional challenge: customers engage over a period of time via multiple channels, on multiple devices, both online & offline. Our marketing analytics consulting agency in Leeds has the tools & specialist digital marketing analysts to find the clarity you need, whatever your business goals, to make informed decisions on optimising your channel mix & digital marketing spend.

Setting up your Google Analytics effectively is the key to measuring the performance of your website and allows you to make data-driven marketing decisions to increase your ROI. Our Google Analytics setup service can help you reach those important decisions backed by data. If you already have GA4 set up, our Google Analytics audit service will make sure that your Google Analytics is fine-tuned to align with your business priorities. Our Google Analytics training allows you to further develop your understanding of GA. Contact us today for more information on our training options.

Our digital marketing analytics agency helps you gain more control and greater flexibility with Google Tag Manager. Our Google Tag Manager training & setup services also allows you to further develop your understanding of GTM. Contact us today for more information on our training options.

With the ability to display multi-channel data side-by-side, COACT enables you to gain holistic insights into your digital performance.

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Tracking Services

Tracking is key, if it's not set up or set up correctly your reports are meaningless. Our specialist tracking and data analytics consulting services include:

Analytics Consulting

Our marketing analytics consulting agency is home to in-the-know experts who can guide you through your tracking problems and recommend and advise on the best solutions.

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Tracking Audits

Our digital marketing analytics agency provides marketing analytics and tracking reports following in depth auditing of your current tag requirements, including data layer requirements, mapping data to your business goals

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Web Tracking Implementation

From creation & configuration of container tags to E-commerce and order tracking, sub-domain and multi-domain tracking as well as Integration with third-party platforms – such as a CRM.

Server Side Tracking

More and more businesses are moving to server-side tracking due to the many benefits it brings to the performance of the website & marketing campaigns. Find out more about how our marketing analytics services can help your business do the same.

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Our digital marketing tracking and analytics service will carry out detailed testing to ensure all tags are firing correctly when and where they should.


Support to ensure you always have a number to call to ask any questions or get advice and bespoke training to develop the capacity of your internal team. Our marketing analytics agency can also assist with site goal and performance metric definitions.

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Google Analytics Services

Our digital marketing tracking agency tracks the quality of traffic & report on measurable results with our ROI-focused Google Analytics (GA4) service.

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Google Tag Manager Services

Our Google Tag Manager Services ensure everything is measured and tracked.

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Reporting Services

Being able to convey the true value of your marketing activity is key to achieving stakeholder buy-in. Our marketing analytics services build bespoke and integrated reports simple, so it’s easier than ever to map results back to wider business goals. To do this we offer the following services:


Bespoke dashboarding and visualisation – either on its own or as part of a detailed analysis project.

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Written reports detailing activities carried out, results generated, and plans for next month in an easy-to-understand format.

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Comprehensive training on how to use the product – we can demonstrate and train your team to extract all the required information from their data using dashboards.

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