Protecting Privacy & Driving Performance

Protecting Privacy & Driving Performance

Performance-focused campaign managers should be starting to think about future measurement activities as we progress through 2023.

With a solid marketing measurement plan in hand, campaign managers can identify and measure what's working best and deliver real value to their businesses (or clients).

In this blog post, we highlight several strategies to set you up for success with campaign performance tracking for this year, and beyond.  


Much of the current privacy issues relate to the collection and use of third-party data. 

With that in mind, an increasing reliance on first-party data management will be required. Currently, many businesses are setting up server-side measurements to collect first-party data for the audience analysis.

One of the main advantages of server-side tagging is that it is less prone to being blocked by browsers or ad blockers such as AdBlock compared to client-side tracking methods.  This makes server-side tagging a more reliable way to analyze user data and provide more accurate insights and better method of evaluating advertising campaigns


Have you upgraded your Google analytics to the latest version, GA4? If not, then why not?


On July 1, 2023, standard Universal Analytics properties will stop processing data. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to make the switch to Google Analytics 4 as soon as possible. 

The earlier you upgrade the more you can benefit from familiarizing yourself with the new platform. Collecting data and using the data to guide your decision-making and evaluating advertising campaigns.

ROI Reporting of leads 

Reporting on ROI of lead generation campaigns has been a historical sticking point for campaign managers who deliver online leads when a sale occurs offline via a salesperson. However, it is becoming increasingly important to join up your marketing activities with your sales team conversion of the leads. 

By expressing the ROI value of lead generation campaigns (by importing the offline sales into your advertising tools) you can help optimize your bidding. You can help enrich your insights and optimize your marketing strategy for what matters, like revenue, and profit!

Protect privacy while driving performance. 

Campaign performance tracking & reporting can be a complex, multi-dimensional challenge: customers engage over a period of time via multiple channels, on multiple devices, both online & offline.  

So to quickly recap, here's  what marketers can think about to create a measurement plan built for the future:

  1. Keep growing your first-party data - switch to server-side tracking 
  2. Upgrade to GA4 - as soon as possible 
  3. Enhance your measurement with offline insights - enriches your insights

Driving performance, by analyzing data, with a robust measurement plan will help you find the clarity you need, whatever your business goals, to make informed decisions on optimizing your channel mix & spend.

How Can Bidmark Help You

Our tracking and analytics service helps SMEs and Brands gain more accurate marketing data through the quality of traffic & reports on measurable results with our ROI-focused tracking and analytics service. Contact us to discuss how our tracking and analytics service could help your business.


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