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Get in touch with our Google Analytics audit agency today to find out how our Google Analytics audit service can help ensure that your Google Analytics account is set up to track all your data accurately.


Trusted by SMEs and young brands across the UK, our Google Analytics audit agency reviews your google analytics to ensure that it is correctly tracking the data your need in order to report on measurable results with our ROI-focused performance marketing strategies.

Google Analytics Audits

As a certified Google partner, our Google Analytics audit experts specialise in both Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4. Google Analytics 4 is Google’s latest release of their tracking tool and from July 2023, will be the only tracking tool recording data – however, it is vital to ensure that if you are using UA until this date, it is working correctly for you, and our Google Analytics audits can help you ensure this.

We also offer a Google Analytics Setup service to help you move over to GA4 if you have not yet made the transition. Contact us today for more information.

Code tracking

Simply put, your Google Analytics will not work if the tracking code Google provides isn’t installed on site correctly. Our Google Analytics audit service team ensures that the tracking code has been correctly implemented on every page on your website.

Subdomains Interactions

If you have various domains or subdomains that interact with one another, your data could in danger of duplicating itself, and thus your statistics being inflated. Our Google Analytics audit experts check to make sure that cross-domain tracking is implemented and tracking properly, ensuring you see the correct data.

Account Structure

If you have larger websites or multiple properties, the views can be confusing. Our Google Analytics audit team will ensure your GA account structure is properly set up and all of your profiles have the right data and dashboards. We can also make sure your data is properly filtered, so users only see the data they need including the removal of any internal data so that you only see customer-based traffic.

Goal & Event Tracking

Goal and event tracking are key elements of any GA setup. Your website will have important actions you want users to take while browsing onsite – and recording these actions is a necessary task. Whether it’s filling out a form, downloading a guide, or making a purchase, having the proper goal and event tracking in place ensures you’re measuring these actions correctly and showing the success of your marketing efforts.

As part of the goal and event tracking, we can also set up ROI monitoring, so you can understand the value your efforts are bringing your business.

Attribution Tracking

There is an abundance of data available to webmasters and it all comes from different marketing channels. From SEO to Paid to Social marketing, attribution tracking provides an insight to see the larger picture of how each marketing channel influences the other. With in-depth attribution tracking, our Google Analytics audit agency provides you with a full overview of how exactly your digital marketing channels are working together to drive traffic and conversions to your website. This data can also provide you with a basis on where opportunities lie for further growth.

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Our Google Analytics audit service is committed to ensuring you are recording accurate tracking and reporting on the things that matter to you and your business. Get in touch with your brief, problem or challenge and we will get straight back to you.

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