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Local SEO is key for any business that wants to secure new customers that live locally them. To help businesses appear locally on search result our Local SEO Agency offers local SEO marketing services that get more people through your door.

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For those businesses that have a physical presence, like a shop or an office, optimising your website is also about making sure people are able to find you in real life. Even if people are not actively visiting your premises, you’re still targeting an audience online that is located in the same geographical area as you are. Ensuring you target these searches is key, and is called ‘Local SEO’.

Our local SEO agency has vast experience in helping brands increase their exposure across local organic search results in their business operating areas to help you increase leads from local SEO. By creating a bespoke local SEO strategy for your business, our local SEO specialists can help you attract new local customers to your business premises and increase leads from local SEO.

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Local SEO Services

Our local SEO company will work closely with you to ensure that you are reaching your full customer potential, by ensuring that your local SEO is set up, optimised and giving you a greater opportunity to grow your business. There are 3 key areas when it comes to a business's local SEO:

Optimising your Google My Business listing is perhaps the most effective way to rank higher on Google Maps, as well as gain visibility in Google Search local results. We will work with you to secure ownership through and optimise the information that appears in Google Search local results, the Google Search Knowledge Panel, and Google Maps.

Our local SEO agency develops individual location pages on your website and directories so they are unique and provide the following information: Name, Address, Phone number, Opening hours, Unique store information, Reviews, Promotions, Parking availability.

Using Google Reviews, Yelp or Tripadvisor is a great way to attract new local customers. Our local SEO company works with you to develop strategies so that get your current customers to write positive reviews for your business. This doesn’t just optimise your local SEO; it also encourages more local customers to buy from you.

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At Bidmark, we understand the importance of local customers and not just your online audience. Our local SEO experts take care to manage all elements of your local SEO such as NAP citations, Google My Business listing, keywords used in your Google My Business profile, online reviews, and more!

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Our Local SEO experts are experienced, certified and talented individuals. We are enthusiastic and passionate with large technical abilities and strong problem solving skills.

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Trusted by SMEs and young brands across the UK. We optimise Local SEO listings & report on measurable results with our performance tracking and analytics service.

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Let Bidmark Local SEO agency help your website with a range of quality search engine optimisations strategies developed for our clients so that they can increase their search engine visibility & generate more sales from search engines.

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Our Local SEO agency provides you and your website with a range of Local SEO services designed to help businesses stand out, and generate leads and sales by being found in their local area, for the terms that matter most.

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