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Smile Design Clinic

Smile Designs Implant Studio is a private cosmetic dentist in Harrogate focused on full mouth dental implants.

208% increase in monthly leads from PPC campaigns.
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The clinics faced stiff competition within their local areas as they were competing with practices for the same pool of potential patients.

They were also struggling with establishing a strong online presence on Paid Search. With the majority of patients searching for dental services online, the dental clinic needed effective online marketing strategies to stand out.


We found the main problem with their Google Ads accounts was too many keywords. As such their limited budget meant they appeared on less than 10% of searches for their keywords.

We carried out a conversion review to highlight the most valuable keywords for the business, and we reduced marketing spend on low-quality keywords.

This allowed them to appear more on their best keywords, all within the same budget, thus increasing the number of conversions substantially.

From an SEO point of view we carried out a holistic approach by using the information gleamed from the conversion audit to also ensure better ranking on keywords which we knew drove conversions. By improving SEO ranking on high converting terms, we are able to increase the amount of inquiries to the business.

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